Twenty Five Random Things

This subject has been going around in Facebook, and my friend Grace tagged me in her "Twenty Five.." list.

Now here goes mine --

1. I am obsessive compulsive. It has gotten worse now that I stopped working. I'm probably driving Jed crazy with how OC I am at the house.
2. I was born on the year of the Fire Dragon.
3. I was and will always be a daddy's girl.
4. I am a south paw. And I'm very pleased that the greatest leaders, artists, athletes are left-handed.
5. I cannot haggle. I don't possess such skill. And that's why flea markets are not my thing.
6. I love the color pink. I thought I would outgrow it because it appears very childish, but no.
7. I love desserts, especially cakes and cupcakes. With marshmallow icing please.
8. Four years ago, I would not be caught dead inside a gym. Now, I visit the gym at least three times a week.
9. BUT that doesn't mean that I am fit... That is the greatest mystery: Why hasn't my weight been going down?!?
10. I read the Bible every day.
11. I miss my small group. I have learned so much about God, and life from the ladies in my small group.
12. My girlfriends are essential to my existence. They are a very important part of my life.
13. I keep my promises.
14. My ultimate comfort food is McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
15. My favorite shopping stores are Gap and Zara.
16. I read too many books -- even up to three at a time.
17. I would like to write about my experiences in Cebu, and compile it in a mini-guide book. Then I could move on to the next city after our time here in Cebu.
18. I am ready to be a mother.
19. I do not regret giving up my job for Jed.
20. I hold grudges. I need to work on that.
21. I surprisingly enjoy cooking now.
22. Birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays are very important for me and has to be celebrated.
23. Next to Jed, my mother and siblings are the most important persons in my life right now.
24. Jed is my answered prayer. The Lord knows he is the perfect husband for me.
25. Jed and I want to be a blessing to other people. We are a work in progress.

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