Manila Trip in February

I had been fortunate to have visited Manila/Bulacan thrice this year. Jed and I made a compromise that when he is traveling for work, I would join him (if this is at all possible) or I fly to Manila to see my family and friends. So far this year, I made three trips to Manila. Hmmm... Jed seems to be traveling a lot.

Jed and I traveled to Manila together. While I was waiting for my dearest family to pick me up from the NAIA Centennial Airport, my beloved husband was off to Melbourne.

So what did I do in Manila?

Oh, plenty!

There was a post Valentine dinner with my family at Mamou. I totally miss the great food in Mamou. There seems to be a lack of good cupcakes in Cebu, so I begged my family to pass by Cupcakes by Sonja's for dessert.

The next day, I found myself having early lunch with my brother at Shinjuku. My goodness, it serves one of the best ramen I have ever tasted. I tried to be fit by attending my most missed class in FF Platinum, Jheck's Body Combat. I passed by my former workplace and bugged my former co-workers. Makes me not miss the office so much after seeing how busy and dazed they were. That evening, I headed to Bonifacio High Street and reconnected with my my friends, Samantha and Malou. It was a special small group session led by my dear Samantha who is back from the US. I had the chance to catch up with their husbands briefly. My dearest sister waited for my small group to finish as I am staying in Bulacan with my family.

Tuesday was another trip to the Embassy. I met Melanie, Sheila, Marivic and Renee for lunch at Piquant. After lunch, I was bothering my former colleagues at the Trade department. Then I was with Butch and Princess and we were at Milkyway Cafe where I had a yummy halo-halo from Chef J Gamboa. Butch and Princess were there for a meeting. I was a "sabit." So while they were having a serious discussion about the Chef's Table, I was savouring my halo-halo.

I met my best friends in college on Wednesday lunch time. I begged Mia to meet at Mom & Tina's in Perea. Yes, whenever I am in Manila, I make it a point to eat at my favourite restaurants. On my way to Mom & Tina's, I carried with me two shopping bags-ful of window curtains from Landmark. For some reason, I cannot find a decent curtain in the stores here in Cebu as those that are sold in Manila. Back to my lunch at Mom & Tina's, I met up with Mia who brought along Mye with her. Neyza followed shortly and she ended up treating us for lunch. I had missed the malls, too, so I found myself checking out the new stores in Greenbelt 5 with Neyza. We took a break and talked liked old times over coffee and dessert. Then I dashed off to Trinoma where I was meeting my sister for a moviedate and dinner. We were laughing our hearts out while watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I said goodbye to my family on Thursday morning. As I had an early morning flight back to Cebu on Friday, I slept at my friend's Ding house which is closer to the airport. I spent mid part of the morning reading a book at the Starbucks in Podium. I also met up with my wedding photographer where I received our wedding album. Cheryl met up with me for lunch and we had the greatest time bonding. It was time for a haircut so I paid my stylist Angelo a visit. I want my hair shorter (but not too short). I love how the new haircut made my head feels lighter although the cut looks weird on photo. I was meeting Neyza for dinner in Bonifacio Street while waiting I sat inside Cupcakes by Sonjas and ordered two cupcakes. And I ate them all. Gasp! To make up for my very unhealthy snack, Neyza and I had dinner at the Healthy Kitchen.

Early Friday morning, I finally met up with Jed at the airport in Manila. I insisted on a breakfast of kaya toast and soft boiled eggs from this restaurant at the airport which I cannot remember the name. He agreed that it was really good. And then we were off to board our plane to Cebu.

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