An Encounter with the Bathroom Scale

I shouldn't even had done it.

Weigh myself.

And what I saw was devastating.

I gained 10 freaking pounds. What the....

I blame it on this whole move to Cebu. And why's that?

There's non-stop eating. Friends and family want to see me before I move so I get invited to lunches, coffee/dessert, and dinners. I have a standing invitation for brunch on my last day on the 12th. And I am absolutely sure my family will go somewhere to eat before they drop me off at the airport.

And I couldn't resist the food I will miss in Cebu. How many times have I dined in Abe?!? And those wonderful desserts that won't be sold in Cebu. I have this rule of dining preferably in restaurants that don't have branches in Cebu. OMG, that's a lot of restaurants.

Gym time has become non-existent. I suddenly don't have time for the gym.

It's actually worse than the holiday season.

I cannot possibly get pregnant with this much weight.

I am horrified.


  1. i love cebu
    and everything about it
    lalo na ang lechon at otap

    kamusta ka na dyan?

    btw, i linked you na

    see ya around (more often)

  2. kamusta ka na dyan sa visayas?

    hope you enjoy your 1st xmas there.

    add mo naman yunblog ko sa link mo, ha
    pretty please

    see ya around

    ingat dyan!

  3. Hi Dennis!!! Obviously, hindi ako maka-update. I'm still waiting for our DSL connection. Inabot na kasi ng holiday. Hmph! Na-add ko na po ang blog mo sa Friends list ko. Promise I will be more active. Happy new year!


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