Disturbing Christmas Message

I am behind in my entries. I'm not sure how I would keep up. One at a time... That had been my motto this month.

I should be writing about my last day at work, last week in Manila, our first wedding anniversary, my first two weeks in Cebu, and so on. But that has to wait until our DSL gets connected.

My husband and I spent Christmas differently this year. It was quiet and stress-free. While it may have been lonely that we had no family reunions to go to, we cherished every minute together. I insisted on eating lunch at Cyma which just opened in Ayala Center Cebu's The Terraces.

For this year, I sent out Christmas greetings to most people in my phone's address book. I received a very disturbing reply from one person which thanked me for my Christmas message but it also states how I wronged the person for which will not be forgiven and forgotten.

Ouch! I had no idea I offended this person. Apparently, the spirit of the Christmas season is lost.

That message bothered me the entire day. It was disturbing. I kept on reminding myself that I will let this person take away my joy. I honestly was fuming mad, and I felt like getting back to the person with a hurtful message. Thank God, the Lord spoke to me, and made me realize how I should be a better person.

I admit I was very affected, and I also felt sad for the person for holding that grudge against me. It pains me that the timing sucked, of all the days, I found out on Christmas day.

So what do I need to do to appease this person? I pulled out my notes from my small group meeting when we discussed "Overcoming Offense." And I read a few verses on forgiveness. The Lord repeatedly reminds us that in order to be forgiven from our sins, we should be ready to forgive to who have wronged us.

I, more or less, know what I need to do. But I need to wait out a few days as the person apparently is very angry. How can a person hold that so much grudge, when I honestly could not remember what I did?? What was not important to me was of value to the one I offended.

Let me tell you, how humbling this experience would be after I reach out to the person. I will pray about it as to what God wants me to share with the person. It is also a learning experience for me how I should forgive those who offended me, how I should forget their offenses, and to stop keeping grudges. Being told by this person how I will not be forgiven really hurts. It is unbelievable as my own mother does not this much grudge towards me, and I have failed her so many times in the past.

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