A Weekend of My Favorite Things

The weekend I turned 32, my dearest Jed flew to be with me from Cebu. I had the best birthday!! A weekend full of my favorite things.

As soon as my brother picked up Jed from the airport, we all met at Spiral for dinner. My family is celebrating three birthdays in November - my mother, mine, and my brother's.

Jed & I stayed at the Makati Shangri-la for the weekend. Thanks to his GC. I totally love staying at the hotel.

For that Sunday, we attended service in Victory at the Fort. The message that Sunday was all about Psalm 23. And that's my favorite Bible verse.

My highschool best friend, Aileen, got married. She made me read during the ceremony. The following was a horrible photo. Too bad it was my only photo with the couple.

Jed & I are big movie fans. Of course, we had to catch a movie while he was in Manila. We saw Quantum of Solace. We watched after the wedding. For some reason, I fell asleep in the middle of the screening. I ended up not understanding what the movie was about.

I told my brother what I want for my birthday cake. And he got it for me. My absolute favorite is Estrel's Caramel cake. I could eat an entire cake if I could... but that would be gluttony.

Jed & I had our photo taken at our first home. I feel sad about leaving our place in Mandaluyong.

We drove to Tagaytay for dinner. As most of the good restaurants were closed on Mondays, we settled at Country Suites' Restaurant Verbena. We had the restaurant to ourselves. My own version of a private dinner. Our waited overheard that it was my birthday, and he served me a cake.

Jed gave me the best gift. I am telling you, this man would do anything for me. I was sad to see him go back to Cebu. But I will follow him in a month's time.

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  1. Hi irms,
    I'm here taking a break from my gazillions of school homework. Also, been trying to catch up with all of your entries, until I saw the photo of your house curtain! Gosh parehong pareho tayo that yellow/gold one. I even asked my mom to send them here so we're using it in our townhome here, talk about friends with the same taste join forces lol!

    yun lang, so when is the big cebu move na talaga????


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