Farewell to the Kitchen Club

One of the things I will miss when I leave the Canadian Embassy is my ASEAN Agrifood Team, aka the Kitchen Club. We are a group of Trade Commissioner/Assistants who handles the agriculture sector in each of the post in the ASEAN region. We meet annually to plan and exchange ideas/best practices.

Over my eleven years, this group eventually became my good friends. They had seen me grow-up. I first met them in 1998 on my very first trip to Cebu.

Some people had left the group.

I never thought I'd be the next one to leave.

For this year's meeting, I begged them to come to Manila so I could say goodbye to them.

The 2008 ASEAN Agrifood Team

aka the Kitchen Clubbers of Southeast Asia

with Celeste and Sharon

My dearest Susan from Singapore put together this CD of all the photos taken in our annual meetings as far back as 2002. It's something I will look at when I start missing them.

These wonderful group of people brought an item from their home country of things that will remind me of their countries or Canada. My goody bag contained all the items in the above photo.

I will miss the annual meetings. Most of all, I will miss their company.

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