Halloween Weekend

Halloween has not been a big event for my family. November 1 or All Saints Day is. My siblings and I decided to go out, given that Halloween this year falls on a Friday. Instead of watching scary, gory movies, we saw High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Can you imagine my brother watching a teeny bopper musical? We were hilarious inside the movie house.

Dinner was Dio's treat. They wanted to try Flapjacks at the Theatre Mall. I had been to the Flapjacks in Greenbelt, but the Greenhills one is self-service type which is more affordable! The three of us enjoy breakfast food.

I was raised a Catholic, and my family/relatives are all Roman Catholics. It's no surprise All Saints Day is a big event. After eight years, my brother found a way to build a mausoleum for my father.

We even have a rooftop which I find very cool. My mother served lunch for our relatives.

The best thing about the mausoleum is our own toilet. We don't have to be at the mercy of our kind neighbors when we need to go use the toilet. My mother loves the color blue and since we forbade her to use this color in the construction of the mausoleum, she put accents of blue in the toilet, with the tables and chairs, and most of what she brought with her that day.

Here is my sister and our cousin Gina sitting on the bench.

My mother wanted the mausoleum to be blessed so she asked our neighbor priest to do the blessing.
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