Two Movies and a Play

Last weekend, I watched two movies and a play. I couldn't have spent my weekend any better.

Remember the bonding time I promised my sister, well, we watched the matinee of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. Via purchased our tickets months ago. We were seated at Balcony I, which at 1,000 pesos was not so bad.

On our way to CCP, I repeatedly prayed that we get to watch Lea Salonga play Cinderella. I read in her Multiply that as long as she's not sick, she will be playing Cinderella. So I kept on praying that she is well. And our prayers were answered. Although, from where we were seated, we realized it was Lea after she delivered her first line. We were so far high that we should've bought binoculars. But I was too cheap to pay for those. So we ended up sitting uprightly and squinting most of the time.

Despite that, the experience was delightful. I am biased as Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale classic.

I am big fan of movies. I make it a point to watch a movie in a moviehouse every week. It doesn't matter if I watch alone or with someone. Of course, my favorite movie companion is is my husband Jed.

My family had been urging me to watch John Lloyd's movie with Sarah Geronimo, called A Very Special Love. I rarely watch Tagalog movies unless a credible person (a family member or close friend) point out to me how good the story is.
Now this movie's trailer caught my attention as I laughed when I saw it on TV. Together with my family's encouragement, I was very intrigued which led to my decision of watching it on the big screen. So last weekend, I was in front of Glorietta 4 Cinema chatting with my best friend while we wait for another dear friend and we were off to see John Lloyd's movie. My friends shall remain nameless.

It wasn't hard to convince our other friend to watch the movie, as I learned, she also has a crush on the lead actor -- just like me! The story was hilariously funny. The characters of John Lloyd and Sarah were someone everyone would relate with. And the issues the movie focused on were something the audience felt at one point in the life. I love how simple the plot is. It's such a light movie that as a movie goer, I am only expected to laugh and feel good about each scene.

After watching Cinderella, I went straight to meet Jed and his sisters to watch The X-Files: I Want to Believe. There are a number of reasons why I did not enjoy this movie:

  1. I had never been a follower of the TV show X-Files. I ended up very confused while watching the movie version.
  2. I do not believe in aliens or supernatural forces. I only believe in the power of God.
  3. I hate gory movies.

No matter how terrible the film was, the important thing is I spent time with my husband and sisters-in-law.

That weekend was full of great bonding moments with my husband, sister, sisters-in-law, and dearest girlfriends -- and all because of two movies and a play.


  1. Lea's very good in Cinderella. Hello, may nicole na kaya sya yet she can still play the role of Cinderella. Di ko masyadong feel si KC, and I definitely do not like Richard Gutierrez. Over-exposed na kasi sila.


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