Too Much

If I have the money, I'd go and buy myself a MacBook Air. Keep on wishing, Irma. Dreams do come true, you know...

I had been a fan of Apple products, and I am impressed with their state-of-the-arts products and its unique features. While my budget cannot afford me a MacBook Air, the only Apple product I own is an iPod Classic while I love and use all the time.

And then comes the iPhone 3G....

I wanted to own one. Then the news came that Globe Telecoms is bringing iPhone 3G to the Philippines. Together with my co-worker, we happily filled-out a reservation form online. And we both waited for Globe to contact us.
The more I learn about Globe's priority in their distribution of iPhone units, I was disheartened. Being an existing Globe postpaid subscriber for years has become a disadvantage. The better packages are offered to switchers and new subscribers. Apparently for a loyal Globe subscriber like me under the G-Flex 800 plan, the only way Globe would let me own an iPhone is if I purchase the handset for Php 41,899. You have to be kidding me!?!

The iPhone Standard Pricing package do not apply to me. Ideally, for my plan of G-Flex 800, the handset would only cost me Php 24,000. Now that's a Php 17,899 difference.

To save money, my options are:
  1. Terminate my existing subscription and just apply for a new subscription. However, it is a hassle to change numbers.
  2. Buy the unit abroad, and have it unlocked to work here. Unlocking is illegal.
  3. Purchase the unit from Greenhills. Now that is questionable.
You know what, forget it. I'm no longer interested.

Then I learned that actual reservations fell short of Globe's expectations which prompted them to lower the handset unit from Php 41,899 to Php 37,599. Ha! But when I looked at the new plan for G-Flex 800, the handset unit had been increased to Php 25,000. What the freak is going on!?!

My conclusion: An iPhone from Globe is not worth it. I am very disappointed at how Globe take care of their subscribers. It honestly made me think of switching to a different (maybe better) network.

Better wait a few months and when the hype has died down, I know that prices will drop. Then I would rethink buying an iPhone.

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