PJ & Maries' Wedding

On the 8th day of the 8th month of year 2008, Jed & I attended a wedding. It was the wedding of PJ & Maries.

PJ is the eldest son of my boss, Butch. Butch and I have been working since 1997. So you can imagine how close I have gotten with his family. They treat like me I am part of their family. And this was the reason why Butch made it to the top of our principal sponsors list for our wedding.

Back to PJ, we're the same age. We graduated from the same college. Animo La Salle! And the time I started work at the Embassy, PJ was currently looking for a job. I'd remember him sitting quietly in Butch's office in between job interviews. What I could not forget was when I called his father, "Sir..," he laughed hard. Then I called Butch by his first name after that incident.

PJ and Maries exchanged vows in St. Andrews Church. I became the impromptu offeror when the designated person failed to show up.

The reception was at the Manila Polo Club. Jed followed me at the reception. I was kept company by my dearest officemate Lynn, and her husband Bob.

Enjoying cocktails with Butch, Mariel, Bob and Lynn.

Lynn and I amongst the de la Cruz women.

My gym partner, the ever-elegant Lynn

The power couple, Lynn & Bob

We're hoping to be a power couple one day.

Finally, a group photo with the bride, Maries, and groom, PJ.

Jed and I stayed until after the reception was over. We had a great time talking with our Ninong and his buddies. I had bonding moments with Ninang Coy and her daughter Mariel. Mariel is tying the knot January next year, and I was delighted to learn we are invited to her wedding.

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