One Great Thursday

Today was a very good day.

I looked forward to my evening bonding with my two best girls, Neyza and Ding. Neyza had been away for five months, and having my best friend thousands of miles away from me had been very challenging. But she's back and is here to stay. Ding went on vacation and I haven't had the chance to see her since she got back. I was very excited to see both of them and catch up.

The day started out good. I had time to prepare baon for Jed and myself. Doing that simple thing for my husband put me in a good mood.

Oh, and today is our 8th month together. Four more months and we will be celebrating our first anniversary.

Time at the office was enjoyable. I was surprisingly productive and inspired. Let me say that the atmosphere at work had gotten much better now that the new boss is here.

I found time for my cardio workout by attending Body Attack class at Fitness First. I also squeezed in a manicure and pedicure appointment at Nail Spa in Gamboa. I am currently addicted at how good Nail Spa's staff do their job.

And then the rained poured down when I was supposed to go meet my girlfriends for dinner at the newly-opened Mom & Tina's in Perea. The rained poured hard, and I was stranded in Nail Spa. I couldn't brave the heavy rain for fear that my newly-pedicured feet will be ruined. How vain of me! Well, it ain't cheap so I prefer taking good care of my nails. Then Ding came to the rescue, she picked me up from the salon, and we headed to Mom & Tina's.

Mom & Tina's in Perea is exactly the same as their main branch along C5. I immediately felt at home. Jed & I loved Mom & Tina's as we got our wedding favors from them. They customized their oatmeal cookies for us and all our guests loved them.

Neyza finally showed up, and the next couple of hours were spent eating the delicious dishes and catching up on lost time. Boy, do we multitask well!! Both Ding and Neyza gave me pasalubong. I was so thrilled.

I am very happy Neyza is back, and that she has some great news about herself. Ding and I will get to bond with her more before the new adventure in my life begins. We may even spend so much time together in the coming months. Ding is the solution to one of my problems. I am forever grateful with how generous she is.

Girlfriends are an important part of my life. And I'm happy the Lord had blessed me with a handful of really good girlfriends, and these two are on the top of my list.

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