My Sister's Birthday

Today, my youngest sister turned 23. I am very close with my two siblings. And it broke my heart that I had to move out of the house to be with Jed when I got married. But now I see that both of them are doing well with our current arrangement. Now, that will change in a few months as Jed & I move on to a new stage of our married life.

Via was my maid-of-honor. I didn't have any other attendant at my wedding other than her. She may be 9 years younger but we share common interests. I feel very young when I hang out with her. My brother and I put her to school when my father died. I was the proudest Ate when she graduated from college at the Ateneo de Manila. Now, she's on her second job, working for Universal Robina Corporation.

At my wedding, she was the most affected person. I found her crying at the reception. And I just had to give her the biggest hug and assured her that everything will be fine.

That was seven months ago. And we still get bond every now and then.

For her birthday, she treated us to lunch at Cafe Juanita. We were thrilled that Cafe Juanita serves buffet lunch on Sundays. We found ourselves eating plates plates of yummy Filipino dishes. It was my sister and mother's first time at Cafe Juanita, and they were instantly at home. We liked its homey atmosphere. The restaurant is not intimidating despite its upscale diners.

Her birthday cake was a Concorde from Jill Sandique's. It was delectable!

Via & I will watch Cinderella at the CCP in two weeks. It will just be the two of us. :-)


  1. happy birthday to via!

    i miss concorde cake.

  2. Will let Via know you sent your greetings. The concorde cake was sooo good. I had been a fan of Sugarhouse's for years but Jill Sandique's Concorde is definitely something special.


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