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I own too many notebooks. I like writing down my thoughts, making lists, documenting my day keeping track of my to-do's, calendar & appointments, and being reminded of special ocassions.

The yearly Starbucks planner had been my daily diary since Starbucks introduced it here in the Philippines. I must've drank liters and liters of my favorite toffee nut latte for me to own its journal. And I write in it religiously. Jed's been itching to read my current and past journals. How come I have a feeling he already had.

Aside from the Starbucks planner, I have a Sunlife Executive Agenda which I use as an organizer. PDAs do not work for me, as my organizer is also a scrapbook. I keep important documents, recipes, greeting cards, articles, lyrics of songs... or whatever I feel is important at that time.

Lastly, I carry a small Rina Albert notebook which I carry with me everywhere so I have something to write on when the need arises, like grocery lists, etc.

Well, three notebooks are bulky. Although I leave my journal at home, I bring my organizer and mini-notebook everywhere I go. I need alternatives.

And then I discovered Moleskine's notebooks. Well, I have yet to own one.

I am a fan of Daphne OseƱa's LJ site, and she's been talking about the Lagalag diaries. I was instantly inspired. And it led me to research about Moleskine notebooks. While I have seen these notebooks in local bookstores, I never even took a look at them until I read about Daphne's entry, and saw photos of the notebook. The Lagalag diaries were passed on to 40 people, and from Daphne's photos, it looked very sturdy unlike my Sunlife organizer's loose pages. :-(

So on with my reasearch, I discovered Moleskine is not just about blank notebooks, there are other varieties such as -- diaries!! Moleskine's got them all: monthly, weekly, and daily diaries. Here are photos of diaries that caught my eyes and two ones I intend to buy for next year, even if Moleskine came out with an 18 month calendar beginning with July 2008.

Different diaries

Monthly diary + notebook

Weekly diary

Horizontal Weekly Diary

These notebooks are now available locally. I checked out a couple of bookstores yesterday and saw these diaries. Their prices were reasonable. It's cheaper than the Starbucks planner, and without the calories from those irresistable Starbucks drink/s one need to buy to own a planner.

I can almost see that next year, I will be keeping a Starbucks planner AND a Moleskine diary.

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