An Impulsive Weekend Purchase

I passed by the bookstore to buy batteries for our alarm clock. While I was depositing my gym bag to the baggage counter person, a certain book cover caught my eye. I honestly thought it was a new version of the Devil Wears Prada. But as I got near the book, I was surprised to see a new book by one of my favorite chick lit author, Lauren Weisberger. It's her new book, Chasing Harry Winston.

From the title alone, I knew what this book is about. I immediately could picture my weekend reading this new book. I need a book that's easy to read as the ones I'm currently reading - Brida, Chronicles of Narnia - are way too serious.

Publishers Weekly says this about the book:

The Devil Wears Prada author Weisberger delivers a hilarious, silly and entirely predictable chick lit romp. Book editor Leigh, chef Emmy and wealthy Adriana make a pact to change their disappointing lives within a year. Emmy vows to find the father of her future babies, and Latin temptress Adriana decides to settle on just one of her rich suitors. But Leigh is uncertain about what changes to make; she's lived in the shadow of her legendary literary father and accomplished boyfriend so long, Leigh barely recognizes what makes her happy. The protective wrapping dissolves when she gets the nod to edit bestselling, married author Jesse Chapman-and ends up polishing more than his prose. Emmy-after a year of trying to bed a man from every continent-might discover Mr. Right when he's least expected. As for the relentlessly slothful Adriana, she deflects engagement, but manages to snag something more important. Bookish Leigh defends chick lit as having "sensible structure and coherent language" in a package that's "witty, clever and fun to read." Weisberger is, of course, also talking about this book, and her assessment is right-on. (June)

I'm hoping to finish the book this weekend, so ta-ta!

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