Thank God for Weekends

I love weekends. If only it wouldn't end...

Especially when I've spent more than a month preoccupied with work. I have never been this busy at the office. I couldn't remember a time I was this stressed and agitated. My own wedding preparations were not this stressful and demanding. It's probably because I am working for a Miranda who expects her close to impossible ideas to be implemented. She thinks she is God. The big day is this Thursday, June 5th.

In the last two weeks, I had been going home late, or going home exhausted. I hate it that I can't be the wife I wanted for my husband.

Well, thank God for this weekend --

  • Jed worked for a couple of hours only and then he was free to spend the weekend with me.
  • I slept as much as I could. Have to store as much energy which I will use when I go back to work tomorrow.
  • We watched the World Pyrolympics last Saturday, together with my family, at the San Miguel by the Bay in Mall of Asia. The show was worth the traffic, crazy crowd, and expensive dinner. My jaw probably dropped a few times out of amazement.

  • I spent Sunday afternoon hanging out with Ding at the Power Plant mall. We found the perfect place to have lunch - nice, quiet and cozy - at the UCC Cafe. After lunch, we watched Sex & the City the Movie. We both loved the movie. It's best watching it with a girlfriend who remembers the clothes Carrie wore on Season 1.

  • I caught up with household chores I put off doing last week, out of exhaustion. My dear husband helped me with the chores and I had time to write this important entry.
  • Jed dragged my butt to ULTRA and we jogged for an hour. That felt great! I've been feeling sluggish as I had no time for the gym because of too much work.
  • There was the American Idol Season 7 marathon on QTV11. When I can, I watch Mr. Cook's earlier performances and saw his transformation to the star that he is now.

So am I ready to face the challenges at work?

I don't think I will ever be ready. I'm praying for my best behaviour. May God be with me as June 5 comes close.

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  1. i think you're ready, break a leg, sweetie!

    remember, LAST HURAH!


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