Starbucks' Dark Mocha Frappuccino

I have this unexplained addiction to Starbuck's Dark Mocha Frappuccino.

Unexplained, because:
  • I was never a fan of frappuccinos.
  • I do not like dark chocolate.
  • I have a sweet tooth, and this drink is not sweet.
So what happened?

I blame it on Cheryl, Mia D. and Ding. Why?

First heard about it from Cheryl who told me how good the drink was, and that got me curious. Mia D reconfirmed Cheryl's observations. So I now have two friends with good reviews of the drink. What made me decide to go ahead and try it was my SMS exchanges with Ding. Told her I've heard good reviews about Starbucks' new drink but I'm afraid to try it because of the calories. She got back to me, and told me to "Try it Light, 60% less calories and 40% less fat." Or the other way around. No wonder she is head of Marketing!

The good thing about frappuccinos is that it takes me a long time to finish it. Gives me enough time to savor every sip of this rich dark chocolate drink. As I mentioned, it does not taste as sweet as the other frappuccino drinks. It has chocolate bits, or what I'd like to imagine as cookie crumbs, to chew on while drinking it.

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