Feeling Imeldific

I have an obsession with shoes. I would choose them over bags, accessories and clothes.

When I was a child I did not understand how and why Imelda Marcos could have two thousand pairs of shoes. Now that I'm in my 30s, my views on Imelda's shoe collection are certainly different. I totally empathize why she ended up with so many pairs.

While my shoe collection does not even resemble that of the former first lady, I have the basics - dress shoes, casual shoes, trainers, etc. I certainly won't have no problem adding more pairs to my collection. The only problem is I don't think I can afford more, especially when I'm currently obsessing over Cole Haan - Nike Dress Air collection.

Last week, I watched an episode of Oprah which featured the Cole Haan - Nike Air technology. Oprah was raving about it, and that caught my attention.

What pushed me to research more is an entry from ShopCrazy with the headline, "Angelina Jolie's red carpet secret." A very pregnant Angelina Jolie wore these shoes to the Cannes Film Festival. Shopcrazy describes the shoes as:

These are no ordinary heels. They use Nike Air technology to cushion the ball and heel of the foot. Date from the Nike Sports Research lab showed rear wearing heels throws the entire weight of the wearer onto the balls of the feet, coming down with the same force as it would if she were running.

Further studies show that just like sports shoes, the appropriate cushioning could counterbalance the pressure. The Nike Air technology in the form of Air “bags” offers the perfect solution.

The Cole Haan Dress Air collection includes a selection of pumps, wedges, slingbacks, sandals, maryjanes, and thongs—all with at least three-inch heels, leather lining, padded leather-wrapped sock lining, and beautifully concealed Nike Air cushioning. The styles come in neutral and earth colors with the occasional shades of green and red, and textures such as patent, suede, animal print, metallic, denim, and linen.

Now that just sounds fantastic. It's an answer to every woman's wish of a dress shoe that is comfortable and stylish.

Going through the Dress Air collection, I fell in love with these styles:

Fiona Mid Air Pump

Carma OT Air Pump

Jena Air Mary Jane
Fiona High Air Pump

Don't they look fabulous? I know I want them. The only hindrance is I cannot afford a pair. I checked out a Cole Haan store last night, and as I suspected a pair costs more than Php 10,000. The one I showed my husband was for Php 18,000! Now there goes my chance of owning a pair.


  1. oh my i like! perfect for moms with energetic kids!

  2. Kung hindi lang ito napakamahal, bumili na ko ng maraming pairs. Oprah swears on how comfortable it is.


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