Why Do I Love Him?

In time for our 5th monthsary (wow we've been married for five months!), let me write something about my dear husband. My friend Emillie tagged me in a “meme” for her husband Titan entitled, Why Do I Love Him? While I am fond of answering surveys/questionnaires when I get tagged, I don’t bother tagging anyone after. Tsk tsk tsk..

Going back to the subject about my dearest Jed, why do I love my husband?

  • He is God’s answered prayer. After kissing a few frogs, I found my prince. He was worth all the heartaches and lessons learned from my past relationships.
  • What great genes he has! I honestly was surprised I ended up with someone as good looking as him. I can’t wait to see our future kids.
  • And boy, Jed can sing!! (Please help me in splicing our wedding video so I could upload a clip of his song for me.)
  • He was the only person (aside from my family and driver) who had the patience to drive me home to Bulacan thrice a week in the four years we were dating.
  • My family, most especially, my mother, loves him because his actions assured them that I will be taken care of and he loves me.
  • He gave me the most beautiful engagement ring and the most sincere proposal. It’s exactly what I had been hoping for.
  • And when I accidentally flushed my engagement ring down the toilet, he gave me a new one exactly like the one I lost two days after.
  • We had the perfect wedding – a small and intimate Christian wedding in the beautiful City of Pines.
  • Once in a while, he pulls me out of my comfort zone. I’m the type who wouldn’t try some thing new unless someone assures me its fun, safe, and morally right. He had me experience those missing from my life like traveling to far-flung places, and riding public transportation.
  • He stops me from badmouthing and judging people.
  • He doesn’t always take my side when I complain about life, people and situation. It was annoying at first that he doesn’t understand my point of view. After a while I realized why he needed to stick to what he stands for.
  • He ironed my clothes the first few times I tried to do it that I ended up crying out of frustration. Now I’m very firm that I have to do it on my own, as I’m not going to learn if he keeps on pressing my clothes for me.
  • He washes the dishes when he sees I’m exhausted. I added this bit, as Jed HATES doing the dishes even if he says he doesn’t mind doing so.
  • He wakes up earlier since we’ve gotten married to go to work as my office hours starts at 8 o’clock in the morning. And on days when he doesn’t need to work, he’d still wake up early to bring me to the office.
  • Jed is a sweet man. I love that he is affectionate like me.
  • Jed had adjusted pretty well that he knows how to handle my terrible temper, obsessive compulsive ways, and mood swings. He knows it is best to leave me alone.
  • He’s the most responsible person for taking care of his father, and the rest of his family. I sometimes feel he takes on too much. Nevertheless I’m happy he is who he is. I am assured of a good future with him knowing his priority is his family.
  • I’m learning to know the Lord the way Jed knows Him.
  • I used to say I don’t want to grow old and I am scared of ageing but Jed changed the way I think. He took away the fear out of me. And I now look forward to spending the rest of my life – many years - with him.


  1. Happy 5th monthsary! Is it possible to put the link on that video on my multiply? the sound wasn't good enough but it's an ok brag for now :-)


  2. Omigosh you are BRILLIANT. Yes that would work. Please send me the video file. I noticed that the Multiply link is for your contacts only. Thanks sweetie. Btw, the 5th monthsary is the reason why we bought that cake from Becky's. :-)

  3. belated happy 5th monthsary!
    thanks for doing this mwah!

    ei got another blog rolling LOL!


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