Singapore: Food & Hotel Asia 2008

The office sent me to Singapore for Food & Hotel Asia 2008. While I would normally shout with glee for another trip abroad, I particularly detest this trip. It was pure work!

The Canadian Pavilion housed 29 exhibitors from 2006's seven exhibitors. This meant I had more exhibitors to assist and match them with Philippine buyers. It was great working with my colleagues from Southeast Asia/ASEAN, HQ, and exhibitors from all over Canada. It took a lot of work identifying Philippine buyers from the huge crowd and introduce them to each Canadian companies but well worth it. My boss followed and joined me on Day 3 of the show.
I bonded with my ASEAN colleagues and they helped me deal with challenges.

While the show left me exhausted at night that I hardly have the energy to go out and walk around, I joined my Canadian colleagues in their trip to the
Night Safari Wedenesday evening. The 32 Singaporean dollars was worth it. The Night Safari tour with the Canadians was a laughing trip.

I set aside my last two nights to meet with important people -- my highschool friends and Jed's friends.

Malou hosted dinner on Friday night, and we dubbed that evening for her daughter Caitlyn as Playtime with Tita Irma and Gabe. Giselle and baby Gabe came over and they made the evening more enjoyable.

I just adore those two kids - Gabe & Caitlyn.

On my last night in Singapore, I met with Jed's friends Rubi and Grace. The original plan was for me to meet our Ninang Stella for dinner, but she backed out last minute as she needed to take care of her mom. Grace invited us over to her house for dinner. She has two beautiful kids, Bianca and Isaac. Bianca gamely posed for the camera. She's growing up to be a charming girl.

Rubi took me over to where she lives, and we got lost riding the train. I asked her to please let me ride the train not knowing she's not familiar with the stations.

My intention was to shop but I ended up shopping last minute at the airport before I boarded the plane for home. I had to buy Jed his pasalubong in Manila.

I'm just glad the trip was over. I missed my husband in that one week.

Another mission accomplished.

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