Overloading on Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex & the City the Movie is happening sooner than I think. I may get to see it before end of this month. Yoohoo!

It would be good to see Carrie and the girls again. I must've started my "obsession" with the girls in 2000. They're the girlfriends I will never have. They're too fabulous for me and the way I live my life.

I remember watching the show on DVD 8 years, when my life was still full of uncertainties. Bad choices in life. Bad girl gone good. Wow, it sounds pretty much like Carrie's life. Although I did not end up with a Mr. Big type, I probably ended up with an Aidan.

Sex & the City is a movie I will see alone or with my girlfirends. I'm afraid it is too girly for my husband.
In time for the release of the movie, Sarah Jessica Parker was chosen to endorse Coca Cola Light, initially for the Japanese market.
Her billboard along EDSA caught my eye right away and soon after I was watching her ad on TV.

Nice eh?

But not enough to make me switch from Pepsi Max to Coke Light. My aunt who works for Pepsi will be so proud of me.

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