My Best News for the Day

My morning did not start out right. I had been bothered with the problems in the office and a "Miranda" who had gotten out of control.

Cheryl phoned me a few minutes past 10:00 am to let me know that my bet, David Cook won the American Idol Season 7. I was floored by her news! Thanks to Emillie who broke the news to her. (I so love my friends!)
After yesterday's Final 2 performances and after hearing what the judges said about the two Davids, I psyched myself that David Archuleta will win.

So imagine my surprise when I heard Cheryl's news. I was so happy that I blushed which my officemates pointed out.
Go David Cook!

Thanks to FOX News for these photos.

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  1. hahahah! i was surprised with che's YM msg kala ko it was an offline message, i accidentally told her about David C. winning and apologized for being a spoiler. My oh my Irma, kakainlove siya. I watched him this morning at Fox he was sooo humble, sweet and sensible.

    anyways, im craving for that miranda stories heheh.


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