I'm Loving,,,

... a cookbook and my two Bibles. Well, doesn't that sound odd?


The famous Super Edna or Manang Edna came up with her very own compilation of recipes. Edna, who have worked with my former bosses and colleagues at the Embassy of Canada, never fails to whip out an excellent dish at receptions or gatherings my colleagues came up with. Among my favorites are her chili prawns, Neiman Marcus' cookies, Bob's cheeseball, and her blueberry cheesecake. The first run of her recipe book Maid in Manila: Edna's Collection of Selected Recipes was wiped out; I almost didn't secure my own copy. Well, I guess the Lord wants me to cook better meals for Jed so I got hold of the last copy.

I was delighted to pour through the pages of her winning recipes, and daydream that one day I would cook as good as Edna.

At 375 pesos, this recipe book is a gem! I can't wait for the 2nd printing, I will buy a few more to hand out as gifts to my sister and friends who love to cook and have tasted Edna's excellent dishes.

Two Colourful Bibles

Before my wedding, and as I don't a decent Bible I purchased this two-tone pink and black NIV (New International Version) bible. I was happy with it, until I learned from the Small Group I attend that there are more variety out there, particularly those sold by OMF Literature. The OMF store is just a 5-minute walk from where I live.

In one of Samantha's Small Group meetings, I learned about the different types of bibles, and that it comes in different colors, shapes and sizes - to suit every person's needs. I grew up with a knowledge that a bible only comes in the most boring color of black or brown, and the copies we have at home are rarely opened and read. I know how sad that sounded. Samantha showed us her backpack bible (perfect for travel), and the NIV Women's Devotional Bible (a must-have for women).

I would like to bring a pocket bible to Singapore so I made a trip to OMF before my departure date. When I reached the OMF store, I looked like a little kid grinning at the sight of too many books. I do love to read and the sight of books makes me happy.

I couldn't believe at the number of bibles available. It took me a while to choose the pocket bible I want. I'm telling you I had a hard time. I even lined up several bibles to see which one I like the most. I was eyeing the Women's Devotional Bible but it's not what I needed then. Finally, I purchased this NIV Backpack Bible in Italian Duo-Tone.

My new backpack Bible came very handy in Singapore. During those disturbing times, I turn to my bible for comfort. Reading the Word helped me through the challenges of my trip.

I visited OMF again last week, this time to buy the NIV Women's Devotional I eyed then. I set aside some money for it; that kind of bible doesn't come cheap. As I reached for the bible I had been eyeing, I saw that there was another version of the Women's Devotional in a smaller size and different color. It caught my eye because it was in orchid and butter creme - it's pink! I immediately compared it with the first one, and it's the exact same thing. When I looked at the price, this pink bible is cheaper by 600 pesos. I'm sold! I went out of the store happily carrying a pink Women's Devotional Bible.

I now look forward to starting my day reading passages and pouring over God's message for me.

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