Celebrating My Father's 76th Birthday

If my father were alive, he would have been 76 years old last April 28. My family celebrates every special occasion, and we would not miss Tatay's birthday.

I still miss my father.. I know it's 8 years since he passed away. And I also know that he is happy where he is. But I just miss his presence.

This year, we met for lunch last April 20 at Chocolate Kiss in UP Diliman. Now that I'm married and had moved out of the house, I look forward to seeing my family again. I enjoy catching up with them.

The whole gang stuffed with good food.

On our way out, I saw this whole stretch of sunflowers, and I just had to step out of the car to have my photo taken. During graduation season, UP plants sunflower leading to the Oblation monument.

Since I love flowers, I asked my dear husband to take my photo with the sunflowers.

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