A Tough Week(s) Ahead

Thank God for a great weekend of meeting friends, shopping for things I don't need but wanted, and hanging out with Jed. I was all cheerful and excited to work that I mentally listed down the tasks I need to do for today at the car on m way to work. Then my disposition changed as soon as it hit how much work I needed to finish by Thursday.

My sister-in-law, Arra, is graduating from college this Friday so I requested for time-off. Oh I welcome this time-off!! I so would need a relaxed weekend before I head off to Singapore on Monday. Too many tasks, so little time.

Oh... Singapore. I was excited at first -- I researched on restaurants to go to, contacted friends I hope to see, listing down shops I will visit. It is a business trip. Canada has a pavilion at Food & Hotel Asia and agrifood officers from the region need to babysit the exhibitors and match these companies with potential buyers from each market in ASEAN. Yes, I've done this before. It should be easy.

And then reality hits me, this trip would be different because:

1. I will be away from my husband for seven freaking days.

2. My boss will follow me in Singapore. (Think Miranda Priestly)

I would rather stay home. Oh I can just feel I will be doing a lot of retail therapy. Can't wait to get this trip over and done.

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