No More Beer for Me

Last night, my boss and I took out a business contact for drinks. I used to drink a lot when I was younger – you name it, beer, vodka, tequila, anything with alcohol. I can drink as much as I could without getting “drunk”. I would still be sober and would remember what I had done. There were no embarrassing stories to share; no “what was I thinking?” moments.

Over the years, my tolerance for alcoholic drinks diminished. I do not enjoy drinking as much as before, especially if it involves work. I also developed a taste for wines. Wine (red wine that is) is supposed to be healthier. And I would not have to worry about beer belly. (This is actually one of the major reasons why I gave up drinking beer.) I am killing myself to lose weight through exercise and diet (a bit of - as I totally love to eat!) so there is no need to add beer belly to that. So no more beers for me!

What I truly enjoy now are a couple of glasses of good wine, great food to go with the wine and engaging company. On special days, Jed and I love a good bottle of wine - a Merlot for Jed and a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc for me. Sometimes when we need to unwind, we would treat ourselves to a Bailey’s drink that he prepared.

Times had changed; I do not go out with the purpose of drinking only. At work-related receptions, I could hardly finish a second glass. I would otherwise be guzzling on fruit juices or water.

Yesterday, I tried light beer again after years of not having it. I struggled with the second bottle. One would have been enough for me. The red wine is a different story. I could not remember how many glasses I had. Though still very sober, I had gotten super sleepy. That is the problem with a boss and business contacts who drink, they expect you to drink with them. I better work on politely saying no when the offer comes to drink more.

Did I suddenly become “KJ”? I probably am to others. But it is my personal choice to go easy on alcohol. It could also be that I have reached the age where my top priority is to live a healthier life. There are practices that I used to enjoy before which do not appeal to me now. Well, beer and excessive drinking made that list.

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