Look Who's Back: New Kids on the Block

Long before Back Street Boys, there was NKOTB or New Kids on the Block. I had been a HUGE fan way back in high school. My favorite then was Jordan Knight. My room in Bulacan used to be filled with posters, magazines, books, cassette tapes and VHS videos of them. I thank my parents for being very supportive when I went through the NKOTB phase. I traded my high school prom to watch their only concert in the Philippines. My mother dragged my brother to watch it with me. Poor guy as he had to endure my screams during the concert and for paying his concert tickets from his savings. I know it was the last place he would rather be then.

My high school friend, Samantha, was also a fan. I think she was a bigger fan than me. Most of our classmates that time would remember us as big fans of this group. And it was through her blog entry that I learned that NKOTB is back. I was very impressed with their group photo now. I agree with Sam that all five of them aged well. They never looked this good!

Group photo from People.Com. Taken when they guested in the Today show.

I still know the lyrics of their songs by heart. It’s probably the right time to load their songs in my iPod and start reminiscing of the good ol’ times.

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