Not Another One!

Yes, I have created a new blog account. I have all these accounts in LiveJournal, Friendster, Multiply and Facebook. Seriously, they are too much to handle.

My LiveJournal account did not have any entry at all. I hardly update Friendster. I am almost this close to deleting my account. However, it is one way of staying in touch with almost 300 individuals who were/are a part of my life. Multiply is perfect for storing tons of photos, videos, and music. Lastly, I refer to Facebook as the new Friendster. I will keep it is a good tool to reconnect with people outside the Philippines.

So why create a new one when I obviously have my hands full?

I am not satisfied with the current accounts I keep. As I check out friends' blog sites, I do know what format I want. Blogger or my blogging needs.

It will take me quite some time to master this new site.

I look forward to exploring what this new site offers.

Till my next entry...

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