My Favorites in Season 7 of American Idol

Seasons 1 to 6 had come and gone, I had never been a follower of American Idol. It was because we did not have cable, the schedule sucked that I was never home when it was on, etc. I grew fond of the auditions way back in 2006 when it was the only show I would watch when I was in Hong Kong for a training.

Now that I live closer to work, I get home just in time to catch QTV 11's airing of American Idol. My schedule is no longer as erratic as before so I get to follow this season religiously.

There is something in this season's batch that makes me want to watch each show. Each of the finalists has a powerful voice. They are that good that I am rooting for about five of them.

My favorites are:

Brooke White is a nanny who hails from Nova Scotia in Canada. She did not strike me at first except for her blond curly hair. I thought she was too white. But that changed when I heard her sing her version of You're So Vain.

I immediately took notice of her voice an her talent. Another thing I love about Brooke is she is talented enough to know how to be play the guitar and piano, too.

Irishwoman Carly's voice left me breathless. It was FULL. I particularly love her rendition of the Beatle's song, Blackbird. While the judges were not thrilled with her performance, I was moved by it. I immediately downloaded an MP3 version of her performance.

What's not to love about David Archuleta? This boy is adorable. And cute! Oh, he can sing very well, too. My boss commented that if he wins or not, it will not matter, as he is already an idol.

Jason Castro.... Hmm... Those dreamy eyes.. He always looked surprised when the judges would praise him. That was how I became fond of him. I love that he is humble and sincere. Knowing to play the guitar added to his charm. While not as strong as the other contestants, I do hope he stays a couple more weeks.

These last two men are those I would be a bit sad to see leave the show. David Cook is a FANTASTIC singer. I doubt if he will be ever be eliminated. His amazing performances week after week continue to amaze both judges and audience.

Michael Johns is good looking and very manly. And a true lover of rock music! His renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champion/We Will Rock You brought the house down.

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